Big day

“…any plans today?”

“Other than getting pregnant?… ” 


Round three…

so it begins again. 

We were back at Isis, which is going through a rebrand, understandably. 

No one likes to be kept waiting. So one definitely doesn’t like to be kept late, waiting for forty five minutes when you were told to arrive with a full bladder. And I am stressed about getting to work. And she has to pee. And the woman before us was accidentally double booked into the wrong time slot and seems to have the most complicated back and forth between bathroom and exam room that I’ve ever seen. And Allia is getting more irritated. 

It’s day three of her cycle and we are asking about progesterone. Mixed reviews. And we want to be able to get our heads in the game. But it’s hard. I feel detached and sleepwalker-like. 

Allia won’t let me buy a crib yet. Jinx? And I have had a good luck charm I’ve been working on that I started months ago … And each time I’m tempted to write it off as superstitious… I balk and wonder if it’s not better to just suspend my disbelief a little while more. What if it works ? ? 

Any help we can get.