IVF, Here We Come

My time on the waitlist is over. I’m starting IVF prep today. I literally feel like I just had my period. I used to have 45 day cycles, now, with a negative pregnancy test on Friday, my period came so promptly on Saturday, and today, Monday, I’m back in the game.

I am not psyched about the takeout container sized plastic bag of needles and bottles and vials that I had to bring home. But, we are heading into this with a positive attitude.

Wish us luck. I’ll try to document as much as I can stomach of the syringes into the stomach, and attending hormones, etc. Allia had a very adverse reaction to Gonal F, so we are a bit wary.

Any words of advice?


3 thoughts on “IVF, Here We Come

  1. The huge batch of medications is definitely overwhelming! I remember the feeling of dread when ours arrived and I saw the size of the box. I’m not afraid of shots but the thought of giving myself a shot, terrifies me. It really helped me to have my partner give me my shots. I looked away and it was over before I knew it!
    Best of luck to you two!!

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  2. My wife was TERRIFIED of developing OHS (she had the retrieval, not me) and we worked really hard to make sure she was super hydrated after the procedure and she ended up with only mild pain (bad cramps, but not for terribly long) and even our doctor was surprised ashe’d considered her a high likelihood of getting it – so whoever has the retrieval definitely hydrate well after the procedure (we had Vitamin water and Gatorade in the rotation, too). For me, the shots were a ton of hype but really not all that bad – even the progesterone. I still have a mild tingling on my one side after having had 6+ weeks with the shots, but the shot itself wasn’t terribly painful (ice to numb the area first was definitely key). I also couldn’t look directly at any self administered shots. If you are doing reciprocal IVF and facing a round of Lupron, too, those shots are a breeze – I lined it up with my belly, looked away for a moment, then injected. Everyone is different but don’t let the meds terrify you and…ENJOY! Hopefully a healthy embryo then baby waits in the near future for you both ❤

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