I've had some questions for the doctor, mostly about what supplements I can use and products that are natural, but might have contraindications during pregnancy (or hopeful pregnancy). I asked about borage oil, taken orally for healthy skin and that, says the doctor is a NO. It is used to promote cervical ripening, so it isn't safe at this point. Good to know!

I've been using castor oil for skin and eyelashes for years and ran that one by the doctor, too. I already knew that, if taken orally, for digestion the safety of castor oil is questionable-because it's also used to bring on labor. If used topically, there isn't a clear answer about whether it can seep into the skin and be absorbed by the body in a way that might impact pregnancy. Guess I'll be skipping this on my lashes for the foreseeable future. Glad I asked!

Are there any other products, supplements, or habits that you've heard of or had to stop using that you were surprised might have an effect on conception or pregnancy?

On a side note, for you queer cinema fans, my wife and I went to see a pre-release screening of PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN. I definitely recommend it if you enjoy beautifully shot, tender scenes, juxtaposed with steamy intimacy, powerful, clever female characters and themes that explore a fight against censorship and forbidden love.

Allia with the Executive Director of the Inside Out Festival.


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