Yesterday we went for date night; let’s be honest, … most nights for us are ‘date night’. We checked out Locals Only and I had buck-a-shuck oysters, in the hopes of it being my last time. I was feeling pretty emotional, prior to today’s appointment.

First, a huge thank you to queerconceptional because I think you actually saved my cycle. I had asked all the obvious (to me) questions at the clinic, but not the line of inquiry you suggested: if my charts and the all important Infectious Disease screening results are being held in the CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS clinic computer… why not go right to the source. That ended up being a dead end, but it DID get me on the phone with the reception, asking if they knew anyone who used to work at both locations, or previously worked with someone who does; YES! E. was going to ask H., who knows one of their current nurses, who is not away, if there was any way to access the files. I had to wait until today to find out, but just the idea that it might all work out was smashing back and forth in my brain for the whole weekend …

Next, I went in for monitoring. Two follicles, both at 13, looks like they are in a race – which could mean a set of twins if they keep growing. Nice fluffy lining. Blood results are good. And they have my ID results on file now,… so when I surge, they are ready for me.

I go back Friday to see if the two, or one, follicle is growing appropriately (18-25 mm). I’m excited. We are going to go check out a screening of Atomic Blonde tonight – you know, to inspire my uterus to kick ass. Charlize is a badass.

How are you all doing? Thanks so much for all the support (and amazing suggestions!)


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