Never Black and White


Went in to the Burlington clinic today. Nervous, though I know nothing will ‘happen’ today. I almost felt that they might turn me away and say, ‘actually, we were mistaken,’ we can’t see you. I am ready for bad news these days.

Took an Uber to the appointment. Everyone at the clinic was a ray of sunshine. Goes with the territory, I’m sure; sunny dispositions only – is probably listed on the employment description.

Had my blood taken. Ultrasound. Met with the Dr. So nice, so smiley. My follicles look to be on the right path. There seem to be 15 potentially. My levels are good. Blood work came back. All good. I’m learning a new vocabulary. Like any new language, I’m uncertain what some of the words mean, but I get nods of encouragement, so I feel like the words are being reinforced when they are the right ones. I only want to speak the right ones.

The call came back today though, midday: are your units on their way? And is it your intention to proceed this cycle? Yes, these are all things we already discussed. But, they don’t have my blood results for the barrage of tests they did to make sure I’m disease free. They will not proceed with the insemination if they don’t have the results of those major tests that were done 4 months ago. The clinic didn’t send them.

What does this mean? I might ovulate before the clinic reopens and can send that info, proving that I don’t have any communicable diseases (apparently they can’t just take my word for it). In a perfect world: I don’t surge until a few days (or more) after my own clinic reopens. They send the blood panel results to Burlington. Worst case: being on my 25 mg. of Serophene for 5 days (which insurance may or may not cover), might make my already arrived earlier-than-usual period shorter (I’m usually on a 40-44 day cycle). If today is Day 3, and I go back on Day 10 (next Wednesday) to check, they are worried that I could surge by that Friday, or Saturday. They would not be able to do my procedure.

Please cross your fingers that I keep my long cycle …. and don’t surge until July 31. So that in a pinch, they can schedule my procedure for that day in the late morning and get my disaster of a clinic to send proof of my healthy stats to the other clinic that same day.

I really just need a little cooperation from the fates.


2 thoughts on “Never Black and White

  1. I’m assuming that your fertility clinic doesn’t actually test your blood itself? Mine used a specific company for the testing. Could you find out what company your clinic used and get them to send your results directly? Really hope that this all works out for you. Good luck!

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    1. That’s a great idea. When I see them in a week I will see what I can find out. It’s so bizarre that despite being affiliated previously they seem to have no knowledge of what the other clinic does or what companies they use

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